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Debt Solutions |

Debt Solutions

Our debt solutions include:

Expert Debt Consultation (Free)

Navigating your options when your debt situation is overwhelming can be very challenging. By talking to our experienced and understanding debt consultants you will get a clearer picture of what solutions are available to you after just one call. This simple step can be an enormous stress reliever. Debt relief is just a phone call away.

Debt Agreements

Deciding whether or not a formal debt agreement plan is the best option for you can be daunting, at first. There are a lot of uncertainties and questions to be answered, and that’s where we come in. As a Debt Agreement administrator, Debt Cutter can help you to assess your options and discuss the ins and outs.

Debt Management Plan

We have bucket loads of expertise when it comes to debt and can really help to navigate a pathway from stress to control. Every persons situation is unique from their goals and aspiration, their personal circumstances and the types of debt that they are struggling with. We will put together a plan of attack that is uniquely tailored to you and we can then support you step by step to get your debt under control. You can enjoy life again, a plan is just a phone call away.

Credit Score Improvement

Just because you are dealing with debt doesn’t mean your credit score has to be affected.

We have Debt Management strategies that assist you to organically improve your credit score. Credit Scores can be affected by many types of activities and infringements, we have strategies that work to remedy these actions and put simple saving and payment strategies in place to ensure your credit file is protected and credit scores improve.


When you have reached a stage where you are unable to pay back your debts, it may be time to consider bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should be used as a last resort and has serious consequences for your financial future, some which are permanent.
Before you make any decisions make sure to talk to one of our consultants to ensure this is the right solution for you.

Informal Debt Agreements

An Informal Arrangement is an instrument that allows you to manage your debt through a simple repayment plan, allowing you to get on with life without the hassle of debt collectors hounding at your door. Here at Debt Cutter, we have assisted thousands of Australians like yourself out of their debt crisis. Our Informal Arrangement specialists are there to assist you the whole way and guide you through your arrangement and out the other side with a fresh start. There is a way out.

Debt Refinancing

When your debts are piling up and you are struggling to make repayments, mortgage refinancing may be the best solution for you.

Debt Cutter works with specialist brokers who are experts in non-conforming loans. If you have been rejected by a bank or a traditional lender because of your history, we can help you!

Our team understands that unexpected life events occur but it shouldn’t mark you for life. Working alongside specialist brokers, and cash management specialists, we ensure that your application gets assessed on its’ merits – what your current situation is, not just your past. This means that we can work with you to tailor a solution to suit your situation to produce an outcome that you need.

Refinancing your home loan can free up the equity you have in your home, and any other properties you own, in order to pay off your debts. Specialist brokers can also include any tax debts and rates arrears in the refinance.

Benefits may include lower regular payments for the total debts you have and simplication of your finances with only one payment per month.